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Opening An Account

Customers who wish to open an Account with Al Bahrain Bullion DMCC must submit the following documents:

Documents Required:

1. Account Opening Questionnaire

  • Please fill all applicable fields to your business activity/proposed business. (Click to Download)

2.Trade or Business License

  • Minimum of 3 months before Expiration

3.Company Registration

  • Certificate of Registration
  • Memorandum of Association
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Shares Certificate

4.Passport or ID copies (and Visa page if residing in UAE) of the following:

  • Beneficial Owners/ Shareholders
  • Directors or Authorized Signatories
  • Person/s who will operate the Account

5.Proof of Address (Latest Utility Bill or Tenancy Contract/Lease Agreement ) of the following:

  • Registered Address
  • Office/Principal Address (place where the business activities are performed)
  • Each Beneficial Owner/ Shareholder

6.Board of Resolution (stating the intention to open an account and its purpose) and Authority Letter (for authorized personnel that will deal, communicate and/or operate the account Al Bahrain Bullion DMCC).

7.Latest Bank Statement or Letter of Good Standing or Trade/ Company Reference Letter

8.Tax Registration Number / Registration Certificate

9.Sample Transactions

10.AML- CFT Policy and OECD Supply Chain Policy

Kindy send the scanned copies of the required documents to compliance@albahrainbulliondmcc.com for the initial assessment. We will advise you when to present the original documents for verification.

We can only accept documents in English or Arabic

The list above is basic minimum requirements, we may request for additional supporting documents if deemed necessary during the account opening procedure

Please be informed that documents and information including the company, shareholders, beneficial owners, and person/s that will operate the account are processed and checked against the World-Check Solutions Database and other third-party due diligence software and service providers as part of our compliance procedure.

For further assistance and clarification, please contact the Compliance Department by phone at +971 4 4531333 or by email at compliance@albahrainbulliondmcc.com.

- Al Bahrain Bullion DMCC reserves the right to reject or deny an application without disclosing the reason.

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